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Make the appearance of your university attractive to German students and lift it up in the rankings for most chosen international universities.  

Online Fortune

convincing website

increasing applications

increasing reputation

Your reputation starts online. Convince your wished students with the perfect landing page and the enrolment button is then only thing what the student is looking for. Benefit from the combination of decades of experience in online marketing and local roots, to attract students from Germany. With an automatic transfer to the German landing-page of your university, it is just about how to be attractive anymore. Get ready for the age of customer centricity.

First impression

You never get a second chance for a first impression. We design you the landing page in a way your impression is as good as your university in reality.

Because the longer they stay on your website, the more time you have to impress.  

The right content

We still remember the times when we were looking for information online and after 30 minutes on a website, we still had questions left. And we all know: Frustration and even fear is unattractive. Therefore, our research team provides us with the data of what students are actually looking for. So, we can build the perfect website to gain a lot of advantage points. 

The right language?

Even though, students who want to study abroad should be capable to speak English, it is just a natural thing, that they prefer their mother tongue. So, what, if you can actually talk to them exactly like that? And not just the language, but also the natural communication style, which attracts young twenties most. 

The Ambassador

„There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.“ – J.K. Rowling
Let your future students be inspired from the stories of your last students. Together, we set up an ambassador program created out of your former German students. After all there is no better advert than a positive recession which gets heard.

We make sure it gets heard:


Be at the place to be. The German high education market is our second home. Through years of experiences as ambassadors ourselves, we bring you to the events, which actually pays off. Educational fairs, university guest lectures, career events for people who want to make a change. You are the change we bring to them, to bring them to you. 


Be perfectly equipped for your personal offline appearance in Germany. Get the presentation frame, which covers all your performances on student events.

  • Presentation template
  • customized appearance guide suiting the chosen events
  • event setup support.  


Let your ambassadors be the best storyteller your university has. Nothing has ever been more convincing than an authentic and exciting story that people can identify with. Your ambassadors have it. We help them to be outstanding and creating the desire in the audience coming to your place. 

Their coaching fields: storytelling, public speaking, appearance and audience interaction. 

Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide

Everything a german Student could ask for.

Properly prepared in a customized attractive design of your university.


Prove that your new students made the right decision. A good preparation makes the start of a new adventure easier and takes away fears. Provide them any information they could possibly need before they actually come to your place. We prepare everything that a German student needs and wants to know.

On the spot

Every new beginning is difficult, especially for a young student, thousands of kilometers away from his home. Welcome them in a way that makes them feel they are in the right place: 
Their new home.

Follow up

A student’s good memory of your university is the starting point of a good ranking place. Through some small but right contributions, which go beyond their stay, you achieve king status in your former students‘ memories, even if not everything went perfectly in place. Not only be remembered but also remain in appearance.

And on top

Just choose what you actually need and leave what you don’t need.

We want you to be successful without wasting resources. 

Therefore, we give you a free consultation ahead to make sure you make the right choice.