„I’m Max and I’m one of 11,680 Germans
who were searching for the
top universities in
South Africa in January

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Get deep market insights through latest research technology and a local team which is to 100% familiar with trends, interests and behaviors of the students in Germany.

Online Truth

In economy, it is common sense that meeting customer needs leads to success. The question is: What are the customer needs? What if you know them? And what if you not only know them in detail, but also when they come up and where you can best show that you have the solution. Get to know them through our research and analysis, and know how to use them when it comes to attracting new students.

When how many?

Did you know that 11,710 Germans were searching for universities in Africa only in January 2020? And did you know that one year later there will be already 13,134 searching for it?

Get to know how highly demanded actually your country, your university, your study courses and all potentially related topics are by students and future students of Germany.


The more interest there is in a topic, the more people will listen. We can all remember moments from our school days when we were fire and flame for a theme and wished the lesson would last longer.  So let us talk about topics that interest many people to get the most attention and even recognision.

Gain an understanding, based on solid research, of which topics are most important to German students who are interested in studying in Africa or abroad in general.


How many people do you actually reach with your marketing activity? Scale it up and make it more profitable by knowing which is the website with the highest demand for the things you can offer. Thereby you do not just reach more, but also people who are committed to the topic, which directly increases the chance of an actually enrollment. Find the potential corporation partners you want. 

Offline Reality

„You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.” – Harper Lee
With a distance of around 13,000 km between South Africa and Germany, there are many differences that cannot be researched online. That’s why we are here for you and give you the decisive insights into the culture and its uniqueness in education marketing so that the problem of distance is eliminated.

Get the view through:

Local Experts

Professors, university internal marketing teams as well as marketing experts with decades of experience by working in the German economy, research and give you the insights, you want to have of the local market. 

Double Check with german students

All research results get 100% double checked by the target group itself. So you can be sure, that you will hit the nail on top with your next marketing activity, based on the given insights.

A team for you on the spot

Get what you cannot get by yourself. Our local team is there for you if there is something you want to know for your next interaction with Germans.

Key Links

Get in touch with the right students in the way that actually touches them.

Know everything what is going on in the life of German students:


„Marketing is all about matching the way of presentation to the behavior of the people “ as our professor was used to say. But what is the behaviour of German students? 


Subject, culture, climate or country? Know in what students are actually the most interested and the communication of your offer is easy.   


Routines are convinient. But let us also be predictable. Know what you have to say to be attractive for the people you want to attract.  


Trends come and go. Get insights of the trends which currently move Germany and its young and future students. 

Way of communication

Language is one part of communication. Get to know the other parts as well:
Channels, choice of words, real meanings. 


Understand their links to be linked with them. Know how everything is connected and get the full understanding of the people you approach. 

Get your PayOFF


Get all you need to know for your next successful marketing move. 

Easy to understand and in one place.

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