It´s time to make higher education attractive again

what we want to share with you

Global team

Be part of our global and intercultural team. Starting in Germany, our team comes from Africa, Asia, USA and of course Europe. So, where do you come from?


Not just our clients are from all around the planet, but also your work. Work remotely from home, wherever it is or travel for GRAND U to the places of our clients.


Never stagnate. We have a good reason for being in the education industrie. Because we love to improve in any aspect. As part of GRAND U, you can always learn from your colleagues in any field.

Real purpose

GRAND U is not just a company for earning money. It exists for a reason: Leaving the world as a better place than we found it. And together we can do that. Therefore we support international education.

Let´s make it uncomplicated:

Just send us an e-mail and tell us why you wanna work with us. Add your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile and your phone number and we gonna reach out to you soon. 

Send your mail to: