Making the world a better place
through high educated people

We strongly believe in the potential of education
to provide individuals, peoples and the humanity a better future.

Why we do what we do?

凿壁偷光 – záobì tōuguāng – to study diligently

Literally it means “to bore a hole in the wall to make use of the neighbor’s light to study.”
For us, we see the “light” as knowledge and the “wall” as country border, we see the chance in study exchanges to learn from each other.

A personal development together with an intercultural awareness are crucial in a more and more globalized world. From our own experience, we see the greatest opportunities for a successful world with respectful intercultural interaction through international study.

Who we are?

We are young and experienced, energetic and wise, broad-based and focused people, who do not differentiate between origin, appearance and personal past. Because we are all united by the inner striving to get more out of life. Out of ours and that of the people who share our life time: You!
We are GRAND U. 

Always fascinated from personal educational development and an international lifestyle, my path led me through 5 years of being a representative for German higher academic institions. Facing the need of universities by studying abroad, inspired me to found GRAND U.

Christian Schnepf

CEO & Founder

After 5 years of working in the PR Department of a university and two times studying abroad, I realized the needs of universities and my intrinsic motivation to help. During my international master studies, I found my place at GRAND U.

Selina Appold

CFO & Head of Analyst

Throughout my early years, I have always been keen on being a global citizen. Through education, this desire has taken me all around the world and made understand the benefits of studying abroad. In efforts to empower and give back to my community, I found GRAND U.

Prince Kamassah

Business Development Manager

I strongly believe that one of the best goals in life is curiosity, because we are all here to learn something new. Therefore, I love to teach and work with students around data driven marketing. My background as a digital marketer and founder of a software startup helps me to support GRAND U to grow!

Dr. Korbinian Spann

Strategic Consultant

Followed the interested of mediaproduction in my early age, an university campaign inspired me to go for it more professionally. After starting my professional career I wanted to insipre people, to follow their interests professionally too. With GRAND U I can even do that internationally.

Tim Wilke

Production Manager

Think in the customer’s head, feel in the customer’ s heart. I love a job where I can do this all day long. Teaching students at university for nearly 20 years and doing business consulting I am happy to apply these principles in my daily work, which is more and more international related.

Prof. Dr. Uwe Hettler

Science Advisor

Our Mission

Making university

Thank you for
making it with us