„More German students,
 Increasing reputation,
 Less marketing cost“

Get the best from abroad:

Deep market insights through the latest technology.
Local behavioral awareness through local offline research.

Expertise from professors and marketer out of the field of national educational marketing.

Result double check with students on the spot.

Known through cooperations with
As a university within the local market, we are limited in our abilities to get effective market insights and awareness about the local trends and behaviours of students in other countries. GRAND U brings the solution we have been waiting for from experts who have worked in our shoes and have the expertise to help us succeed.
Lydia Siebler
Marketing Director - University Marketing Director (Munich, Germany)

How do you want to get your new students from abroad?

In-Sight Pack

Get a deep understanding of the local target group through our online and offline analysis, which helps you to adjust your future marketing activities.

Out-Sight Pack

Get support through campaigns and strategies that actually lead to successful operations in Germany to increase your reputation among German students.

The way we work



Developing tailored strategics

A team of local professors and marketing specialists analyses your current situation and develops strategies for your optimal next marketing move within the country.


Double check through target group

How to make sure, that the experts ideas actually attract the target group? Simple: Ask them. 
Our national network of students double checks the elaboration of our experts and imputs their thoughts.


Finalising the proven solution

The experts get the reviewed draft back from the students and take all suggestions into consideration to achieve an optimal result for you.


Getting the optimal PayOFF

Finally you will get the ultimate advantage through a customized, double checked result. Elaborated by a team of local experts with years of experience in the German market and the close cooperation with a established network of the target group: German students.


Local Experts

A team of professors, university internal marketing stuff and marketing experts defines our local experts. Benefit from their knowledge.

Double Check with Students

You want to know if your next marketing move attracts German students? Then just ask them! Through the way we work, we ensure that our products attract German students.

Years of Experience

Benefit from our years of experience in educational marketing in Germany. We give you the insights that are hard to get from a distance. 

GRAND U´s Research Hubs in Germany

To bring you the most representative insights and most useful information, we built hubs all over Germany, where we interact with students, universities and event organizers. Our main hubs are in: 

1. Berlin
2. Munich
3. Stuttgart
4. Frankfurt
5. Erfurt
6. Cologne
7. Hamburg
+19 more and increasing

Where our students study